Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Am A "Worm"

The creation of a man is by fusing an ovum and a sperm.

According to the physiological specialists, in a drop of semen, there are thousands of millions of sperms. We can see them by using a high power microscope. Now, in this world there are thousands of millions of people. If we were to compare them to the density of the seminal fluid, it would only amount to a few drops of semen.

When we walk past a filthy toilet, very often we are offended by the disgusting faeces which are full of wriggling maggots. Similarly, would the celestial beings, with their heavenly eyes, feel the same after witnessing the earthly beings who are as smelly and filthy?

The number of sperms in a few drops of semen will be enough to produce all the present people. And with their few drops of semen, there will come the future generation.

The passing down of the olden teaching, the progress of the civilization and societies, the history of mankind and their culture, laws, rules and systems are all created by these few drops of semen. And they help to create this illusory world. Wouldn’t it be a little strange to think about this?

Hence, my deduction is the I am a ‘worm’ and so are you. Everyone is a ‘worm’. After growing up, greed, hatred, delusion and love are the deluded ‘feelings’ created by the disasters of the ‘worms’. Finally, the great worm dies and ends up as a big heap of wriggling small worms. And his present lifespan is over.

According to the report of recent medical specialists, there are many kinds of worms in every part of our body. Even in a red blood cell, there is a great quantity of microscopic germs. These ‘worms’ are indeed very great.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha had already told us about the condition of a foetus in the womb and the different actions of ‘worm’. The facts which were given by the Buddha before the advancement in medical study are finally confirmed by science.

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