Saturday, April 5, 2008

All Dharmas Are Empty

All Dharmas Are Empty,
Cause And Effect Are Not Empty!

The Buddha Says:
If you wish to know of your previous life,
It can be revealed in what you are experiencing in this life
If you wish to know of your future life,
It can be predicted in what you are doing in this life.

The Reward and Retribution of

The working of cause and effect extends to three periods of time. The relationship may involve the former lifespan and the future lifespan. It may be the relation of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It can further be shortened to the last minute, this minute and the next minute; until the former kshana, this instant and the next kshana.

There are some people who practice good deeds but get a bad ending on their death. Why? This is because the good causes which they have planted have not ripened yet. Instead the bad effects have ripened first! On the contrary, some evil men who have created all bad deeds throughout their life receive a good death. This is because they have not finished exhausting their reward. In future when the evil retribution ripens, they will have to pay for their crimes. Just as the saying goes; “The good men reap the reward, while the evil ones will have to undergo the retribution. If the effects do not come upon them, it is because the time is not ripe yet.”

People who believe in cause and effect understand that good deeds done will bring corresponding reward in future. People who believe in cause and effect are willing to take a loss. They are always ready to let others enjoy all benefits. For they know that “To take a loss is always the winner”.

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