Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shastra on the Door to Understanding the Hundred Dharmas

Written by Tin-Tsun Bodhisattva
Translated into Chinese during Torng Dynasty by Tripitaka Master Yiun-Tzorng

Translated into English by B.T.T.S.

As the World Honored one has said, "all Dharmas have no self."

What are all Dharmas, and what is meant by having no self? All Dharmas may be generally grouped into five categories:

1. Mind Dharmas

2. Dharmas interactive with the Mind

3. Form Dharmas

4. Dharmas not interactive with the Mind

5. Unconditioned Dharmas

They are in this sequence because the first are supreme, the second interact with the first, the third are the shadows manifest by the previous two, the fourth are the positions in which the previous three are not found, and the last are revealed by the previous four.

The first, Mind Dharmas, include in general eight:

1. The Eye Consciousness

2. The Ear Consciousness

3. The Nose Consciousness

4. The Tongue Consciousness

5. The Body Consciousness

6. The Mind Consciousness

7. The Manas Consciousness

8. The Alaya Consciousness